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Episode 214: Pipeline Predictions for 2022 with Mark LaCour

This week’s Pipeliners Podcast episode features Mark LaCour of the Oil & Gas Global Network returning to the podcast to discuss pipeline industry predictions for 2022. In this episode, you will learn about the predictions that Mark puts together each year for the pipeline industry that are based on market research. Find out why Mark […] LISTEN NOW >

Episode 213: 2021 in Review and Looking to 2022 with Russel Treat

The first Pipeliners Podcast episode of the new year features host Russel Treat recapping events of the past year and looking ahead to 2022. In this episode, Russel recaps the story of the Pipeliners Podcast from its inception in November 2017 to where it is now continuing to deliver education through conversation to pipeliners on […] LISTEN NOW >

Episode 212: Improving Measurement Through SOPs and Training with Weldon Wright

This week’s Pipeliners Podcast episode features Weldon Wright, the General Manager of Gas Certification Institute (GCI), discussing how to improve oil and gas measurement through the use of measurement SOPs and training. In this episode, you will learn about challenges in measurement related to RNG and hydrogen, the importance of measurement SOPs and training to […] LISTEN NOW >