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Episode 208: Conversations From the AGA 2021 Fall Operations Conference

This week’s Pipeliners Podcast episode features several conversations recorded in-person during the AGA 2021 Operations Conference & Biennial Exhibition & Fall Committee Meetings. In this episode, you will hear Pipeliners Podcast host Russel Treat talk to the following guests in this order: Mike Slusarz of AGA, Alfred Musgrove of Pacific Gas & Electric, Michael Falk […] LISTEN NOW >

Episode 207: PHMSA Publishes Final Gas Gathering Rule with Keith Coyle

This week’s Pipeliners Podcast episode features Keith Coyle of Babst Calland returning to the podcast to discuss the timely news of PHMSA publishing the long-awaited final Gas Gathering Rule. In this episode, you will gain insights into what is contained in the final Gas Gathering Rule, including the significant legal deadlines and dates associated with […] LISTEN NOW >

Episode 206: Digitizing Public Awareness to Support Pipeline SMS with Sheila Howard

This week’s Pipeliners Podcast episode features Sheila Howard of P.I. Confluence discussing digitizing public awareness to support Pipeline Safety Management Systems (Pipeline SMS). In this episode, you will learn about the value and benefits of incorporating a digital public awareness program into your existing program, some examples of how to digitize public awareness so that […] LISTEN NOW >