About Pipeliners Podcast

Welcome to the Pipeliners Podcast, a place for professionals who care about pipeline operations to discuss the latest information and benefit from each other’s experience.

Russel Treat

Russel Treat

Founded and hosted by EnerSys Corporation CEO Russel Treat, the Pipeliners Podcast brings together industry-leading expertise and insightful guests in each episode to share their knowledge in a conversational setting.

An engineer by education and a software entrepreneur by avocation, Russel Treat has started seven companies, been involved in more than 40 start-ups as a consultant or advisor, developed the POEMS™ (Pipeline Operations Excellence Management System) software suite for pipeline operators, and launched the Pipeliners Podcast in 2017.

If you care about the pipeline industry, want to advance in your career, desire to see your company grow, or simply have a fascination with pipelines and want to hear top-shelf, quality conversations, this is your destination.

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