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Pipeliners Podcast host Russel Treat hosts the one-year anniversary edition of the podcast reviewing the first year of episodes.

Listen for Russel’s observations, insights, and takeaways from a full year of podcast episodes with many great guests who appeared on the first year of the show.

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Russel Treat: Welcome to the Pipeliners Podcast, episode 50. … and our one-year anniversary.

Announcer: The Pipeliners Podcast, where professionals, Bubba geeks, and industry insiders share their knowledge and experience about technology and pipeline operations. And now your host, Russel Treat.

Russel: As we’ve done since the beginning this week, we’re giving away a YETI tumbler branded with the Pipeliners Podcast logo and this week our winner is Hans Deeb with PRCI. Congratulations, Hans, for winning the YETI on our one-year anniversary.

I just want to say thanks to you for listening to the Pipeliners Podcast. When I started this a year ago, I had no idea how it would be received, if there’d be an audience, or if there would even be any interest. And I’ve got to say I’ve been more than blessed over the last year as I’ve gone to trade shows and met people and just received a lot of feedback from listeners and appreciation for what we’re trying to do. So, you know, this is really not about me. It’s more about you, the listeners, and I want to say, thank you.

It’s been an interesting year. Certainly, I had to learn a lot about podcasting and how it’s done. I’ve reached out to many, many people — some friends, people who I have worked with and known through projects, and others who I got introduced to just as the as part of the process of trying to find an interesting guest to talk to. And, certainly, we’ve had a lot of interesting guests.

In particular, I want to give a couple of shout-outs to both Giancarlo Milano, who did an entire series of episodes on leak detection, and also Mark LaMontagne, who did a whole series of episodes on in-line inspection. Dr. Mark, I’d like to say I know a whole lot more about in-line inspection than I did before we started all that and look forward to having you back and learning even more.

You might be interested as to what subjects got the most interest. I went back and looked at all the episodes and looked at how many downloads the episodes had. I wanted to get a sense of what resonated with our listeners. So, I went and looked to see how many downloads each episode had had over the last year. I wanted to identify some of the top episodes and top subjects. I’m going to give you a countdown of our top five.

No. 5 in terms of the number of downloads with Steve Sponseller and the episode we did on edge devices and the future of communications.

No. 4 was Clint Bodungen, who’s been a guest several times and his episode on the convergence of IT and OT.

No. 3 was Stuart Saulters with the API and his episode on the policymaking process.

No. 2 was Giancarlo Milano and his episode on leak detection fundamentals.

No. 1 was Ross Adams on preparing for the PHMSA audit. So, congratulations to you, Ross. I’m sure neither you, nor I had any idea that that would be the top episode of the year, but, in fact, it was.

Now, we’re putting in plans for 2019. One of the things that we’re going to continue to do is we’re going to continue to give away a fancy Pipeliners Podcast YETI tumbler to one listener every episode.

We’re going to get a number of guests lined up – we’re working to get them scheduled.

We’re going to be talking about measurement standard operating procedures.

We’re going to be doing some more episodes on Safety Management Systems for pipeline safety management.

We’ve got a couple of interesting guests to talk about some accident investigations and lessons learned. So, that’s kind of what I have in mind.

I’d be very much interested to know what you have in mind. Not just in terms of guests and topics, but any feedback you could provide about the Pipeliners Podcast and what we might do better.

Like I said at the beginning here, this is all about you. When I started this a year ago, I really had no idea where this would go and I think that’s still the case. I still have no idea where this might go, but I’m certainly having fun doing it. I’m having a lot of interesting conversations, meeting people, and reconnecting with people — and it’s been awesome for me. I hope you found it the same way as well.

So, please reach out and tell us what you’d be interested in learning about.

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And then finally, if you have ideas questions or topics that you’d be interested in, please let us know on the Contact Us page at pipelinerspodcast.com or reach out to me directly on LinkedIn.

Thanks for listening and I’ll talk to you next week.

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