Charles Alday

Pipeline Performance Group LLC



Since 2005, Charles Alday has been a pipeline human factors consultant. Mr. Alday is a Control Room Management Consultant and a Principal of the Pipeline Performance Group, LLC, which specializes in Control Room Management consulting. The other Principals are Michele Terranova and Ali Gibson.

Mr. Alday has more than 50 years of pipeline industry experience in construction, operations, maintenance, management, and consulting. For the last six years of a 30-year career with Colonial Pipeline Co., he worked with people from the boardroom to the frontlines as leaders of the Operational Excellence program – designed to eliminate pipeline leaks, spills, and errors, Charles has done consulting in pipeline operations, control room management, and human performance improvement with many pipeline and energy companies in the USA, Canada, Australia and China. He introduced the Dirty Dozen Causes of Errors and Accidents to the pipeline industry. He is the author of Pipeliners Are Human: An Introduction to Human Factors, The Dirty Dozen Causes of Errors and Accidents, and many articles about control room management, fatigue management, and team resource management.

Pipeline Performance Group LLC has completed over 500 CRM related projects since 2008. Work in 2018 includes development and implementation of control room management plans, fatigue risk management systems, workload assessments, control room design, human factors assessments for several companies, training on human performance subjects, alarm management, control room team training, operating procedures, operations training, strategy development, and managerial coaching. The company also conducts public workshops on control room management, fatigue risk management, human factors, and control room team training.

They have experience in working with over 90 clients in creating CRM plans, implementing CRM programs, improving existing CRM programs, performing regulatory type audits for clients, preparing clients and participating with clients in both PHMSA and state agency CRM audits. The Consultants are regularly invited to present at industry conferences on CRM subjects and have conducted training and workshops with PHMSA, API, AGA, SGA, Northeast Gas Association, Midwest Energy Association, Western Gas Conference, the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association, and the Ohio Gas Association Conference. In addition, Charles has presented at international fatigue management conferences.

Charles has served on the API working group for alarm management and the IEEE working group for lessons learned program standards and design of computer-based displays. In addition, he taught business ethics at Kennesaw State University for several years.

Charles has a BBA degree in accounting and a BA degree in philosophy from Belmont University, an MBA degree from Kennesaw State University, and a Seminary Extension degree in Educational Ministries.