Christopher Moravec



I have been working in Software Development since 2008, and have loved every minute of it. I specialize in GIS (maps) and Data. I have found that the really interesting problems always come down to figuring out how to interpret data in a useful way. In my previous jobs, I created entire software products around workflows built to manage data, where it comes from, where it gets stored, and how it gets used. After all, collecting a bunch of data is great, but if you don’t know what it means, then why are you collecting it?

I work mostly in Python, JavaScript and C# building everything from backend server components to client-facing configurable web and mobile applications. I enjoy working on all parts of the development life cycle and always build applications that are designed to work for the long haul, I don’t like programming of the “season.” I am a strong believer in testing applications (both automated and user-based) and working in an agile environment. However, I always start with the end in mind, and plan where I go before I start.

I am also a Pilot, and love technology in general, I tinker with software and gadgets at home and try to use my 3D printer to build cool stuff.