Larry Shelton

Retired (Buckeye Pipeline Company/ARCO)


Larry Shelton, now retired, began his pipeline career with The Alyeska Pipeline Service company (TAPS) in Alaska in 1979, working in Operations & Engineering from 1979 to 1993. He transferred to ARCO Pipe Line Company in 1993 as Manager of ARCO’s GC Marine Terminals and Offshore Pipelines and later as the Manager of Environment, Health, and Safety.

Mr. Shelton was responsible for ARCO Pipe Line Company’s implementation of the Operations Excellence Systems (OES) program, a safety management system framework. Following the Bellingham Incident in Bellingham, Wash., in 1999, he was appointed as one of ARCO’s two representatives on the Olympic Pipe Line Company Board of Directors to help ensure the quality of Olympic’s integrity management improvements.

In 2001, Mr. Shelton went to work for Buckeye Pipeline Company as the Senior Manager of Pipeline Integrity. Later, he became the Director of Operations Excellence, then the VP of Performance Assurance. He was also responsible for Sunoco’s Pipeline and Tank Integrity Programs.

Operations Excellence (OE) is the driving force of Mr. Shelton’s story. He defines OE as “achieving business goals with no harm to any person, property, or the environment.” Simply stated, the mantra is “Business Goals, No Harm.”