EnerSys Corporation

Philip Jones

EnerSys Corporation


SCADA Developer for EnerSys Corporation, focused on operational excellence for oil & gas pipeline control rooms. Key products include:

POEMS (Pipeline Operations Excellence Management System) – a comprehensive approach for pipeline operators that includes the procedures, tools such as IOC, ALMgr, and CRMgr and services for implementing best practice in the control room.

IOC – EnerSys Intelligent Operator Console is the “heads up display” in the POEMS suite. The IOC screens are combined with an innovative set of run-time tools specifically designed to enable pipeline controllers to enhance awareness and supervisory control of their pipeline operations and interface with key business network systems. Its graphical components, animations, and functional behaviors conform to the SCADA implementation, HMI and Alarm Philosophies, and HMI Style Guide.

ALMgr – Alarm Management software developed specifically for pipeline SCADA systems, significantly reduces rationalization time and provides easy to use PHMSA compliant reporting system.

CRMgr – eLogging and Shift Handover software. Enterprise software tool designed for pipeline control rooms providing drop-down menu logs, PHMSA compliant shift handover reports, document storage, compliance report storage, and extensive search engine capabilities.