Sindee Lee (SL) Gillespie

Sindee Lee (SL) Gillespie

G.O.A. Enterprises


An entrepreneur and business owner almost her entire working life, SL (Sindee Lee) Gillespie formed G.O.A. Enterprises in 2008 to offer products to the oil and gas industry — products which provided an immediate ROI while also having a positive environmental benefit. A protective coating that fit the criteria, used around the world and yet not introduced to the U.S., came her way in 2010. Eight years of field experience later, she has trained over 350 painters while working alongside contractors offshore, in rural-rural Louisiana, the shipyard and the Permian Basin in West Texas, in using this innovative technology.

Originally from Canada, SL considers herself a “professional problem solver” who looks to develop forward-thinking solutions for her customers and to partner with them in doing what they previously said couldn’t be done.

G.O.A. Enterprises offers “Un”-Training, Consulting, Project Management, and Field Productivity Specialists to ensure the installed cost and life cycle savings promised are achieved. SL offers a fresh perspective as an employer, customer, and co-worker in the oilfield which only hands-on participation can teach.