About Energy Worldnet (EWN)

Energy Worldnet delivers real solutions for Operator Qualification, Workforce and Data Management, Safety and OSHA Training, Compliance Services, and PSMS for the Pipeline industry.

EWN can guide you through the process of creating a customized program, one that includes industry-leading training content with the same goal you have for your workforce – getting them home safely.

Data loss is never a worry with the EWN Mobile App that records data both online or offline. The EWN E3 System also includes notifications and dashboards that quickly deliver you all the data you need to properly manage, evaluate, and qualify your workforce as no other system can.

EWN provides employees with training that genuinely makes a difference. Trainings are IACET (International Association for Continuing Education and Training) accredited, and EWN was even selected to help develop the IACET-Petroleum and Natural Gas (IACET-PNG) standards.

With a team of employees who serve on dozens of industry boards, standard-setting entities, and regulatory advisory groups – and even includes former regulators, you can be sure EWN is providing you with a comprehensive solution. A solution that ensures regulatory compliance, and – most importantly, the safety of your people.