About iPIPE

The intelligent Pipeline Integrity Program (iPIPE) is a collaboration between pipeline operators from several key oil-producing states with fund matching from the North Dakota Industrial Commission and management by experts at the Energy & Environmental Research Center. The pipeline industry faces new challenges as we move toward an era of zero tolerance for leaks. This program is the result of a call to action by North Dakota Governor, Doug Burgum. iPIPE members are working together to develop emerging technologies that hold promise to improve pipeline leak detection and prevention. Technology providers are continuously scouted, and the most promising participants are invited to present proposals to the iPIPE Technology Selection Panel. The panel selects development projects, offers funding, and hosts development and demonstration activities. This process creates custom solutions for members and allows technology providers access to practical feedback. iPIPE has also created a forum for sharing information in a noncompetitive environment for members. Discussing issues in this way has led to all members sharing additional perspectives on leak prevention and detection.

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